Our Staff



We have a wonderful and dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us over 20 years.  Our staff collaborates and supports each other in our work with children through weekly planning, team meetings, and monthly staff meetings.  Teachers also attend professional development conferences and have worked with Reggio-inspired early childhood consultant Jennifer Strange, for the past six years.  Thirteen of our teachers have traveled to Italy to study the Reggio Emilia Approach and several of our teachers have presented at local, statewide and national conferences.

Owner & Operator:  Janet Goodin

Community Day School

Director and Pedagogista: Julie Albertson
Administrators: Kim Pickett and Kathy Moore
Infant 1: Jessica Holloway and Tabitha Jennings
Infant 2: Hannah Stucker and Shelly Proffer
Toddler 1: Bailey Reed and Alisha Reynolds
Toddler 2: Melinda Schoen and Lindsey Ostendorf
Toddler 3: Shay Loughary and Cortney Osterndorf
2-3′s 1: Jessica Trapp and Jenna Taylor
2-3′s 2: Joelle Vanderpool and Ally Lindberg
Pre-K 1 & 2: Jessica Job and Robin Koetting
Pre-K 1 & 2: Rachel Long and Kristen Fulkerson
Afterschool and Grade School Summer Program:  Kathy Moore
Music: Misty Rivers
Cook: JoAnn Ray

Christian School for the Young Years:
Director:  Jessica Graham
Administrators:  Barbara Brune and Kim Pickett
Pedagogista:  Julie Albertson
Infants:  Carrie McAllister and Laura Riebeling
Toddler 1:  Becky Stull and Kaitlin Wibbenmeyer
Toddler 2:  Megan McMurry and Julie Zimmer
2-3′s Back Yellow:  Theresa Christenson and Erica Steger
2-3′s Back Red:  Susan Keller and Danielle Driskell
2-3′s Back Blue:  Kathie Brune, Yvonne Lossing, Donna Williams
2-3′s Back Green:  Amanda Berry and Sarah MacCubbin
Pre-K Blue:  Gail Jones and Tiffany Schlitt
Pre-K Red:  Katie Carsten and Stacy Cheney
Pre-K Purple:  Sue Kopf and Ralina Fornkohl
Pre-K Green:  Sherri Roth and Radha Carter
Pre-K Orange:  Kathy Ducharme and Teresa Tatum
Pre-K Yellow:  Donna Renick and Rachel Dalton
Music:  Misty Rivers and Joelle Vandpool
Cook:  Donni Clubb

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