Nature & Outdoors

We understand and value the importance of children having time to connect with nature. Our beautiful outdoor environments provide room for running, climbing, jumping and pedaling.  They also give children time to explore nature through sand, water, natural materials and gardening.  When mud, sand, and water seem like more trouble than they are worth, the teachers remind each other what a valuable learning “media” they are (besides being lots of fun).  Nature has many things to tell us if we learn to listen, to observe and understand.  Digging in the earth, balancing on rocks, rolling down grassy slopes, and climbing trees satisfy basic needs.  These belong to childhood, and any child deprived of them is unfortunate indeed.  To further support children’s experiences in nature we take neighborhood walks, explore the woods behind Christian School for the Young Years, and take field trips to the pumpkin patch, apple orchard, SEMO District Fair and the Conservation Nature Center.


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